6 Steps to Financial Detox | Tony Robbins

What are your goals for the future? Can you picture them? Now, how does your current financial planning help or hurt these goals?

If you think that your finances aren’t tied to the overall quality of your life, you’re wrong. It’s not that having a certain amount of money will make you more or less happy, but if you’re able to get to a point where you can experience true financial freedom, all areas of your life will improve.

So, how do you go about reaching financial freedom? The first step is in learning how to spend money wisely. Although developing a spending plan is simple, many people struggle to correctly budget and follow through with their financial goals.

Here are the six steps you need to take to master the art of spending money wisely.

1. Create a well-thought-out spending plan

What are you currently doing to make sure you have the right amount of money each month? Some people fly by the seat of their pants, not giving a thought as to how much cash they have coming in or out. By assessing your current needs and future goals, you can properly allocate money and eventually achieve financial freedom.

2. Determine how much you’ll pay yourself first

How much will you pay yourself first? That is, how much money do you automatically set aside in a 401(k), IRA or other form of retirement account? It’s crucial to establish this number before investing money in other ways, like through stocks or funds.

3. Find a financial partner you can turn to for advice

There’s something to be said for being independent, but unless you work in finance, working with a fiduciary or financial advisor is in your best interest. Find a reliable, successful person to help guide you on your path to spending money wisely.

4. Assess your portfolio and determine which investments no longer serve you

There’s no shame in reassessing your financial needs. What investments do you currently have? Are they helping or hurting you when it comes to paying the lowest amount of fees while receiving the highest possible returns?

5. Know your risk tolerance

You might be tempted to put your money into high-risk investments, but be honest with yourself. Depending on your current income, age and how many assets and dependents you have relying on your finances, your risk level will change.

6. Live abundantly by finding ways to donate money to causes you care about

As Tony often says, “The secret to living is giving.” When you get to a place where you’re comfortable with your spending plan, find places where you can give back. Even if it’s a small monthly donation, giving some of your finances back will ultimately make you happier.

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