8 Success Hacks That Will Level Up Your Life | Impact Theory

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Are you aiming to get to the next level? This episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu combines some of the best success tips that have ever aired on the show. And as Tom says, “The best thing about these pieces of advice is that they are things anyone can do immediately. They’re easy, practical, obtainable, and–when used regularly–can change your life.” Guests Robin Sharma, Meagan Good, Mark Manson, Dame Dash, Rachel Hollis, Hal Elrod, Ramit Sethi and Sam Harris share some of their most useful advice, all in the space of one half-hour video.


Robin Sharma explains how to eliminate distractions and cultivate high energy [1:24] How to improve your entire day by getting the most out of the first hour [3:01] Meagan Good explains how she deals with rejection, failure and unfairness [6:12] Meagan talks about why her mother is her hero [8:01] Mark Manson discusses the importance of values and how they define us [9:56] How to use visualization effectively [11:51] Dame Dash describes his visualization process and why he seeks other perspectives [14:40] Rachel Hollis talks about dealing with self-sabotage and being a people-pleaser [17:51] Hal Elrod says that birth and death are the two sides of love [21:46] Hal uses affirmations to direct his focus [24:28] Ramit Sethi explains how to get a 25k raise [26:16] Sam Harris describes meditation as jiu jitsu of the mind [29:35]

“Why is it less scary to work out than to just think? And it doesn’t take any physical effort. It’s about a perspective. Why are people so scared of the unknown?” [17:07]
“Birth and death are just as inevitable. And they are two sides of the same coin, which is life.” [22:45]
“Before the sun rises is the time of least distraction.” [3:26]

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