Andrew Yang on the Decline of Entrepreneurship and Enduring Through Hard Times | Impact Theory

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Andrew Yang shook up politics in 2020 by running for president as an optimistic, data-driven entrepreneur who was simultaneously more aware of the dark side of American capitalism than any of the other candidates. And he has not relented on his mission to help people learn to kick ass in every area of their lives, while at the same time constantly pointing out the demented ways that our economic and educational systems squash initiative and produce financial insecurity. On this episode of Impact Theory, Andrew Yang and Tom Bilyeu engage in an eye-opening discussion of the current recession, our long-term decline in entrepreneurship, and what individuals can do right now to make it through tough times.


Andrew and Tom discuss the ways that being entrepreneurs have defined them [1:20] Andrew talks about why entrepreneurship is in such serious decline [4:24] Andrew explains that the economy doesn’t line up success with actual value [10:21] Tom shares the story of how he became obsessed with skill sets and mindset [14:59] Andrew describes the family conditions that make it hard for many people to succeed [19:33] Tom and Andrew discuss Geoffrey Canada and early learning [26:21] Andrew talks about how out of date and unresponsive the education system is [29:25] Tom explains why he stopped cheating in college, and focused on acquiring skills [34:06] The job market has systematically gotten more punitive and volatile [36:21] How can you protect yourself from the current economic recession? [41:47] Andrew and Tom discuss positive advice for making it through tough times [43:15] Andrew talks about what he’s reading right now [46:56] Tom and Andrew express their admiration for each other [49:03] Andrew shares the impact he wants to have on the world [53:23]

“When I was the CEO of my company, I felt like I was the head of a family, of a really big household.” [1:56]
“I would want to team up with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and be like, look, these jobs are awesome. We have a massive shortage of people to fill those jobs. And we have an overabundance of people who are going to college.” [31:36]
“It doesn’t feel like it. But just try to help someone. Just by helping someone, it will end up making you stronger. You will end up building connections and a sense of value.” [46:19]