Are You Chasing The WRONG Things? Watch This | Ajit Nawalkha on Impact Theory

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This week’s guest on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is Ajit Nawalkha, Ajit is an entrepreneur and the author of LIVE BIG The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose: In this episode, he talks about his experience with startups, why he went from an entrepreneur to an intern at Mindvalley and the importance of culture.


What traits allowed him to go from being a founder in his own company to take a step back and become an intern [2:17]
Why you need to “know thyself” and not be afraid of stepping into the unknown, as well as what it takes to start something [4:02]
What ZFG means and how you stop caring what people think of you and do your own thing [7:37]
How to get out of social comparison and familial pressure to find clarity about what you want [12:40]
Why more activity usually means less success [14:14]
How he went down the path of awareness and built his life around becoming happier [16:36]
His counterintuitive approach to goal setting [19:31]
How Ajit defines fear [20:47]
How to reinvent yourself and have a look at your values [22:43]
Why you can change in any moment you choose (and how to stay in a place of joy) [24:33]
How to assess the way you “show up” in different situations [26:44]
How to identify your values [28:21]
What he would say to people who choose values that sound good vs. are actually right for them [31:32]
Ajit’s perspective on choice [32:21]
The impact Ajit wants to have on the world [33:56]
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