BODYBUILDER, ACTOR, GOVERNOR – HOW ARNOLD DID IT | Arnold schwarzenegger motivation

In this video for arnold schwarzenegger motivation, I will give you insights from Arnold schwarzenegger’s life to show you how you can become successful. In my opinion the last point is the most important. I think we all can use some arnold schwarzenegger motivation in our lives.

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1. Extreme hard work
There is no denying that he worked hard. If you read his bodybuilding routine, just reading it alone will get you tired.

2. He didn’t care what other’s thought
He didn’t care that other’s thought he couldn’t become an actor, all he cared about what his dream.

3. Visualization
It has been scientifically shown that visualization helps in goal achieving. Arnold says that before every competition he could clearly see in his minds eyes that he was going to win.

4. He wasn’t desperate
Because he had already become a millionaire before becoming an actor, he wasn’t deperately looking for a job. So he could focus more on improving his skills

5. Obsessed
He was obsessed about his goals. He thought about them constantly, and only stopped when he achieved them.