Change Your Life by Changing Your Thought Process | Brendon Burchard

Life coach to billionaires and one of the greatest influencers of all time, Brendon Burchard knows exactly how to make an impact. So, on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Brendon details precisely how to achieve impossibly high performance, evaluate yourself and your goals, and deal with failure and stress. And he does it all while still bringing his trademark joy and revealing the qualities that have allowed him to build and maintain exceptional relationships and a vibrant community. Oh, and he still repels all the jerks!


Brendon shares the story of being suicidal, then being in a nearly fatal accident [3:03] Brendon describes becoming obsessive about learning leadership and psychology [4:53] Your life is determined by each decision you make, every day [7:20] Brendon describes his self-evaluation and visualization process [10:33] How to observe your life dispassionately [17:55] Brendon explains how to deal with failures and feeling bad [21:04] Going through the motions is the death of high performance [24:29] Tom and Brendon discuss leveraging guilt and pain, courage and contemplation [25:56] Brendon strongly advocates the need for community [29:48] Tom advocates learning to endure hardship, failure and stress [31:50] Brendon advocates allowing joy and deep pleasure [34:45] Brendon explains how he came to value relationships so deeply [39:05] What one change could people make to have more of an impact [43:27]

“Your life doesn’t end up an accident. Your life is a series of actions that you initiate or don’t initiate.” [7:58] “I’m totally cool with guilt. It’s good that we feel bad when we do something that is below our standards or that’s not right.” [22:29] “The world completely underestimates the power of visualization, completely misutilizes the human power of contemplation. The number one thing I say to my clients: Going through the motions is the death of high performance.” [25:15] “Emotion is not something you have. Emotion is something you generate.” [31:00] “I don’t attract assholes. I’m too annoying. I’m too happy for them. There’s too much positive psychology happening so all the assholes say, ‘I don’t like that guy.’ They don’t come to my seminars. They don’t buy my stuff. I repel all the jerks.” [41:05]



High Performance Habits [2:40]
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