Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever!

“This Is How I made $4.2 Billions!” Dana White delivers one of the greatest speeches ever.
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Special thanks to Tony Robbins: www.youtube.com/user/TonyRobbinsLive


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Speech by Dana White

Source: Tony Robbins – www.youtube.com/user/TonyRobbinsLive


Music by Audiojungle.


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A BEHOLDEN PURPOSE vimeo.com/162526371
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Submerge vimeo.com/227647295
LOST IN SUNSET – MICHAEL MANCUSO vimeo.com/209007291
"3 Kings" by Evitan featuring Sadat X vimeo.com/41612045
Albi en Drone vimeo.com/156474244
Road 1 – Free Stock Footage [4K UHD] – www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwVZALxvmh4
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THE HIGH LINE (Short movie, 2017) vimeo.com/207845716
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HIBERNATION (Short Film) vimeo.com/94756294
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Ozonna – Wonderland vimeo.com/260088183
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Skimboarding Day vimeo.com/45879119
La porta delle montagne – short film – Edolo vimeo.com/260765613
THE BIKE MAKER vimeo.com/79491246
RONIN X Charlie Puth – Attention (choreography) vimeo.com/227350110
New Order – People on the High Line vimeo.com/169370237
Water Skiing – Trance Version vimeo.com/181544455
Hookipa Drone Footage vimeo.com/202275224
INSPIRE – Breathtaking aerial views of Japan from a drone vimeo.com/156920307
HONEST – BANDE-ANNONCE vimeo.com/84345118
HOPE STREET // SHORT FILM vimeo.com/226263373
Fredrik Norén :30 Commercial Motosport.com vimeo.com/148450879
HEDGE Short Film trailer vimeo.com/168173735
1er test de nacelle brushless sur un drone Sky-Shoot vimeo.com/69184589
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THE HIGH LINE (Short movie, 2017) vimeo.com/207845716
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Cinematography Reel – vimeo.com/199384901
Drone Addicts – Showreel 2015 vimeo.com/135375077
Downrise / Alasagi – Kisa Film / Shorts vimeo.com/72177338
DREAM OF LIFE vimeo.com/223624601
Drone Highlight 4K Spring-Summer 2017 vimeo.com/226396021
Last Day of Paris (Short Film) vimeo.com/50028182
Make you put your phone down vimeo.com/236251866
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