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What if there was a way you could find deeper fulfillment in your sexual relationships? What if you could understand how to better know your own sexual desires and those of your partner?

As it turns out, you can.

There are five erotic blueprints that can help you identify what it is you’re looking for from a sexual experience. When you recognize which erotic blueprint speaks to your sexual needs, you can better experience joy, freedom, and fulfillment in a romantic encounter. Similarly, when you know which sexual blueprint speaks to your partner’s interests, you can better fulfill their needs, which will ultimately deepen your romantic bond as a couple.

These are the five erotic blueprints:

1. Energetic

If you have an energetic erotic blueprint, you’re most aroused by space, anticipation, and tease. The art of seduction can be just as rewarding as the act of intercourse itself. An energetic person needs time to acclimate to sexual touch as they can be physically sensitive – too much interaction too soon can be a turn off for them.

2. Sensual

The sensual partner is aroused by sensation, be it touch, sound, taste, smell or sight. They bring an immersive experience to a sexual encounter. They need to be relaxed and engaged with the present situation for ultimate arousal.

3. Sexual

The physical act of intercourse itself is what excites the sexual type. They use sex as a means of fun and as a way to relax. However, this can sometimes lead to a limited or goal-oriented view of sex.

4. Kinky

The kinky type is aroused by taboo desires. This can sometimes be associated with greater freedom in the bedroom, and other times with shame surrounding their desires.

5. Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter is unique in that they’re aroused by all of the above. They’re creative in the bedroom but need an equally adventurous partner. Their sexual desires change.

In identifying your erotic blueprint, and your partner’s, you’ll be able to experience greater sexual fulfillment and freedom.

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