Distracted? 6 Ways to Stop Interruptions When You Work At Home

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Distracted easily when you work at home? In this video you’ll learn six no-fail ways to stop interruptions and increase productivity when you work at home and share your space with others.

1. Issue a Rude Alert. To avoid being distracted when you work at home, try letting people know that you’ll be unresponsive if they try to contact you during the hours you’ll be working.

2. Close the Door. Sounds obvious, but you’ll increase productivity and avoid being distracted by others coming to chat if the door is shut.

3. Don’t Send Mixed Signals. For example, you can’t tell people you’re working, but then turn around and want to share a funny video online.

4. Wear Headphones. Avoid getting distracted just by having headphones in – they’ll deter others from bothering you, and you can either spring for the expensive sound-blocking ones or just regular headphones.

5. Have a NUNYA Clause. That’s the “Hey, if I goof off — it’s nunya business” clause. This way, if your partner or housemate is respecting your request and then walks by to see you on Pinterest or watching Justin Bieber videos, you can invoke this clause. Remember, you need to honor your sacred work flow – Bieber breaks and all.

6. Get Outta Dodge. If you’re distracted when working from home, you have to realize that it’s not always realistic to expect others to stay quiet when you need to work. Don’t be the wicked witch of the living room. Just pack up your gear and cart yourself over to the nearest library or coffee shop.

How do you stop interruptions when you’re doing work at home? Tell me over on the blog.
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