Don’t Get Trapped By Your Ego | Impact Quotes

Our egos will often stand in our way. You need to learn to balance that. Don’t get trapped by your Ego and learn to become the forever student. Tom Bilyeu inspires with quotes from Epiticus and Socrates in this Impact Quotes.

Music Sources
Really Slow Motion – Gideon (Epic Powerful Emotional Orchestral)


Video Sources
Shia LaBeouf – Do It –
Reebok Women – Filsan’s Story – –
Reebok Women (:30) -
2014 Reebok CrossFit Games – Individual 21-15-9 Complex Women Heat 1 –
Free People Presents | Summer of Love –
Free People Presents | Through Her Lens –
Doub Hanshaw | Lessons for the Wild | Free People –
Mr. Robot Season 1 – Trailer –
Mr. Robot // Goner –
Jack Savoretti – When We Were Lovers –
Meet the Revolutionair: Sean Wotherspoon –

Compilation Sources
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