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Music Sources
Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes – Singularity (Epic Futuristic Choral Drama)


Video Sources
Marc Marquez hits the gym for the MotoGP season -
REDirect Surf 2015 – 4K Video – Matt Shuster Shoots Mike Morrissey -
Inertia ft. Brandon Semenuk -
Behind the Lense – Filming BMX street riding on 8mm camera -
BANNERS – Shine A Light -
Vance Joy – We’re Going Home [Official Video] -
Dean Lewis – Need You Now (Official Video) -
Dean Lewis – Lose My Mind (Official Video) -
CLOVES – Don’t Forget About Me -
Jamie Lawson – Don’t Let Me Let You Go [Official] -
Jack Savoretti – When We Were Lovers -
Float Life from Onewheels -
Adapt & Conquer | Jon Johnnidis | REDirect Explore 2016 -
RED Collective: Ty Evans | Ghost Digital Cinema -
RED Collective: Scott B.S. Choi [no subtitles] -
RED Collective: The Wilds -
REDucation: Hands-on training taught by industry professionals -
Blake Leeper and Nike Training Present: Inner Strength -
Training the Future of Football -
Unlock a Better You: Singapore-based yogi Sandra Riley Tang on the Benefits of Yoga -

Compilation Sources
Focus on the Important Things -
Dwell on The Vision and Nothing Can Stop You | Impact Quotes -
Try One More Time | Impact Quotes -…
Get the Results. | Impact Quotes -
You Will Become What You Think | Impact Quotes -
Why You Need to Obsessively Seek Mastery -
Do Something Today -
The Secret to Growing Stronger | Impact Quotes -
Remember, You Are Malleable. | Impact Quotes -@

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