Former Drug Addict Explains How to Completely Turn Your Life Around | Doug Bopst on Impact Theory

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How does someone rebuild from the depths of failure, self-inflicted harm, and feelings of worthlessness? Doug Bopst knows all about hitting rock bottom. But sitting in jail, a miserable addict, overweight and locked in a victim mindset, he found a mentor in a cellmate who got him into fitness. On this week’s episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, watch as elite fitness coach Doug Bopst shares his story of resurrection and redemption.


Doug talks about rebuilding from a sense of total worthlessness [2:57] Doug explains how important it is that someone believes in you [5:56] Doug describes the process by which he learned to take responsibility [8:45] Doug explains how seeing progress changes your outlook [11:31] Doug describes how important faith is [12:29] Doug talks about how, at first, channeling anger was effective in fitness [16:16] Doug illustrates his continuing need for mentorship [19:24] Doug describes his spiritual journey and why he went on it in the first place [21:58] Doug advocates focusing on your process instead of immediate results [25:15] Doug explains why he is hard on his clients [27:07] Doug describes self-compassion, gratitude and affirmation [28:56] Doug advocates focusing on what you can control day-to-day [30:53] Doug describes his daily routine and time management [33:08] Doug explains how to change the behaviors that you attach to emotions [34:15] Doug talks about how to deal with bullying [37:43] Doug shares what he would tell his younger self if he could [38:55] Doug shares the impact he wants to have on the world [41:03]

“You can either be a man or you can be a bitch.” [10:41] “I literally feel like I died in jail and was reborn.” [15:37] “You have to fail to grow stronger. You have to fail to run faster.” [19:12]



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