HOW TO BE MORE INTERESTING – 5 Tips With Real Life Examples on How Not To Be Boring

In this video I’m going to talk about how you can be a more interesting person. We’ve all met that guy or girl, who might not say much, who might not even do much, but when you start talking to them, you find yourself completely fascinated by them. That’s an interesting person. That’s someone that everybody want’s to talk to. Now there are many components in becoming more interesting, and I’m going to show you what those pieces are and how to put them together. I’m going to show you videos of people actually doing those things, AND THEN I will show you how you can apply them to your life.

1. Don’t try to appease everyone – BILL BURR
Telling everyone exactly what they want to hear does not make you interesting, it makes you average. Take a look at Bill Burr’s interview right after the US presidential election. Now the usual thing is to say something very middle of the road and diplomatic. But notice what he says,
Notice how by saying that, he’s automatically more interesting than any other person who would’ve said the right thing to say.

2. Know the social norms, and break them tactfully – LOUIS CK
Social norms are the very things that make our societies livable. If we didn’t have them, we would have everyone cussing out everyone, and there would be chaos. That’s why it’s helpful to know them.
But you know what following the norms all the time makes you? Boring.

3. Be more knowledgeable – Neil Degrasse Tyson
Sometimes what can make you more interesting than the next guy is just plain old knowledge. If you’re in a room, and you’re the only one who’s about a particular topic that comes up, and you can say it in a way that isn’t pretentious, you’re going to be infinitely more interesting to talk to than everyone else. Look at the way neil degrasse tyson pulls this off

4. Be a little sarcastic – President Barack Obama
Now sarcasm is something that is a double edged sword. I’ve seen a lot of people who think they’re being cool by just being sarcastic, and they use it heavily. That is not a good idea.

However, sarcasm when used sparingly and effectively, can actually make people laugh, and as a result make you more interesting. Look at the way president obama pulls it off.

5. Blow things out of proportion – KEVIN HART

Now if someone asks you about something factual like how far away the sun is from the earth, and you exagerrate your answer, then you’re just being dishonest.

But sometimes, if you can make your exagerration very obvious, then it can be very entertaining.

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