How to Become Someone People Will Confide In

We’d perhaps all like to be the sort of person that our friends feel they can confide in when they have difficulties and sorrows. But in reality, being seen as a trustworthy ally one can turn to at dark moments is a bit of an art. Here are the secrets of being a good confidant.
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“It is a mark of character to be thought of as someone that others can safely confide in; there is a high degree of empathy, generosity and open-mindedness implied in being the person that friends instinctively turn to when everything has gone dark.
But we may come to realise that, despite our best intentions, often others do not quite see us in this way. If we ask them directly what the matter is, they try to look cheerful and insist that everything is fine. We know it can’t be but nor do they seem inclined to open up to us. We end up lonely and a little helpless.”


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