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It’s Springtime in my hometown. Flowers bloom, breezes flow and fast times on mountain bikes 😉

I’ll soon be back on the road to work more on my new book #The5amClub‎ in Rome, to do a big private corporate event in JoBurg and another Legendary Leadership session in gorgeous Mauritius. Amped + uber-excited to work my craft and serve out loud, is how I feel as I write this message to you.‎

Ok. Let’s focus on you. This #MasterySession is an absolute needle-mover if you’re in business. [And if you’re not, you will still receive rich value from the 10 minutes and 30 seconds it take to watch this].

…when I interviewed Richard Branson on the stage of #TheTitanSummit there was electricity in the room. And what became clear was his genius-level skill in not only dreaming up a heroic vision but in surrounding himself with the right people to get it done.

The bigger your Mighty Mission, the more vastly important it is to learn how the icons build elite teams. And in this new Mastery Session I’ll walk you through advanced ideas that have helped my Titans rise to BIW [Best in World] including:

–The 1 From 1000 Insight
–Hire on Mindset ‎Not History
–Why Eating With Your People Wins
–The Importance of Uncommon Respect

Hope all this content I send you with such care is helping you rock your craft, raise your game and own your field.

Love + respect + bye.


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