How To Change The World & Live Your Purpose w/ Adam Braun

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Change the world just by following your dream. It may sound impossible, but in this video you’ll learn how one ordinary man, Adam Braun, followed his dream and is now creating major change in the world by helping others on a massive scale.

In his new book The Promise of a Pencil, Adam tells the story of how he found his calling. In this book, each chapter explains the steps that every person can take to discover a meaningful life and change the world.

1. Know That You Have A Purpose. Adam’s journey began in college when he was traveling around the world. In a near-death shipwreck, he realized he was here for a reason, and started searching for his way to change the world.

2. Every Pencil Holds a Promise. On his path to finding his purpose to change the world, Adam started asking one child in each country he’d visit what the child wanted most in the world. In India, a boy told him he wanted a pencil. The seed for Adam’s for-purpose company was born.

3. Embrace Lightning Moments. This refers to those rare moments in life when you feel electricity run through your body, and you know you’ll be forever changed. For Adam, this happened when he was at the Philharmonic one night. He watched a passionate pianist on stage and thought, “I want to be as passionate about something as he is.” Then he felt his “lightning moment” and the phrase, “Pencils of Promise” popped into his head.

4. Define Yourself By What You Do And Not What You Don’t Do. On his journey to change the world by building schools in areas of need, Adam realized that he had to redefine the way his spoke about his organization. Instead of calling it non-profit and defining it by what it wasn’t, he coined the phrase, “For Purpose” to better define what they do — instead of what they don’t do.

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