How To Control ANGER And FRUSTRATION With Stoicism | Keeping Your Cool

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Epictetus the Stoic provides a very useful quote that we can remember in moments of anger and frustration.

“Starting with things of little value – a bit of spilled oil, a little stolen wine – repeat to yourself: ‘For such a small price I buy tranquillity and peace of mind.’”

We can choose tranquility at any moment. We can step out of the automated responses that derive from negative emotions. We can understand their transient nature and choose to not give in to them.

Choosing tranquility and peace of mind is deciding to take control of the situation. It’s deciding to overcome emotions, it’s paying the smaller price early so that you don’t have to pay a larger price later.

Often anger and frustration has a way of ruining our days if we allow it. This is why it is important to stop it before the momentum begins.

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