How To Follow-Through

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Get bored easily when you’re working on a project and then quit before you’re finished? It happens to most creative people and the reason you don’t follow through is that you don’t have the habit yet. In this video you’ll learn 4 simple ways to follow through on all your projects.
1. Stop Expecting Your Eyes To Sparkle. Some people get bored because they expect the creative process to be sparkly and exciting all the time. In reality, the process of creating is messy and hard. To follow through, you’ll need to push past the difficult parts of a project.

2. Start With Your Little Balls. Take a look at your daily life. Do you get bored and leave half-completed projects everywhere? In other words, are you dropping balls in all kinds of little ways? Follow-through habits are built one small ball or act at a time.

3. Don’t Make It Optional. When there’s no other option but to get something done, most people do it. They don’t get bored and quit – they get it done. Most people don’t follow through because they give themselves the option not to. Promise yourself you’ll follow through and keep that promise.

4. Put Yourself On A Project Diet. We all know creative people go on project binges, but if you don’t want to get bored and quit halfway through, you need to limit yourself to having one thing on your plate at a time. Get in the habit of taking on one thing and finishing it before you take on anything else.

What’s the single most effective strategy you’ve used to stay focused and follow through?
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