How To Give Constructive Criticism – How to be a leader (Win friends and influence people – part 4)

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This is part 4 in a four part series on how to win friends and influence people. Criticizing people is one of the hardest thing to get right. And most of the time people do it the wrong way. Now as much as I like to think that I’m open minded to criticism, even then I get offended a lot of the times when someone criticizes me harshly. And this is just natural.

We’re always going to have a knee jerk reaction to when someone criticizes us. We’re social animals, we want to be loved and respected in our society. But when we are criticized we feel that we may get isolated, we fear that we’re not accepted anymore.

This is even worse coming from the people that we love the most. When someone we’re close to criticizes us in a mean way, we not only feel hurt, but also feel betrayed. And if our superior criticizes us, then our morale goes down, and so does our productivity.

But obviously criticism is a very important part of social interactions, because that’s how we can learn and grow. That’s why in this video I’m going to show you how you can criticize people in a way so that they don’t feel bad, and that it’s actually helpful for them.

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