How to Go From Failing Student to Rocket Scientist | Olympia LePoint on Impact Theory

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the struggles of growing up in South Central, Los Angeles. Olympia Lepoint was stabbed in the face by a young gang member and at times ate only ice because her family could not afford food. Though she failed every level of high school math, her insane work ethic landed here in the top five of her college class –with a degree in mathematics. Her struggle continued as a woman of color in a male-dominated world. Despite facing hazing and discrimination on every hand, she found a way to leverage her talent and drive to become an award-winning rocket scientist who helped NASA launch 28 space missions. Meet the woman that People Magazine named the modern day Hidden Figure in this thought-provoking episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


1.“No matter what type of circumstances that you have been raised in or have experienced, you have the ability to find a way out and create success for yourself.”[3:07]
2.“If there’s not someone showing you your worth when you can’t see it, you’ll forever be looking in the mirror thinking that you are not worth what you are.” [8:49]
3.“Our thinking defines our life.” [10:04]
4.“When you are aware of the power that comes from you, that entire thought gets transformed not only in your head, [but] in your entire system, and the entire field around you.”[24:24]
5.“When you see exactly what you don’t want, if you can take the exact opposite of that, that’s how you find out what you do want.”[30:05]
6.“Decisions reshape the brain. Every decision that you make reshapes your brain.” [32:07]


Olympia walks through her childhood and what it was like growing up in South LA. [2:57]
Olympia shares how she discovered the most critical factor that would change her life. [8:12]
Tom and Olympia examine the pros and cons of different environments and how perception is reality. [11:30]
Olympia recalls the mental steps she took to prepare herself for success. [14:30]
Olympia explains how unique circumstances helped her leverage her math failure into success. [17:21]
Tom and Olympia dive into Chaos Theory, the power of the brain, and how fear is a choice. [20:04]
Olympia emphasizes the power of our thoughts and how they affect the world around us. [23:58]
Olympia expounds on what led her to become a rocket scientist. [25:01]
Olympia deconstructs how to pick the future by seeing what you don’t want. [29:27]
Olympia talks about the power of making a decision and importance of community. [31:12]
Olympia gives advice to women contemplating going into STEM. [35:54]
Olympia defines the impact that she wants to have on the world. [37:24]



Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist - [2:10] Answers Unleashed - [2:12]


Luther Campbell - [10:27] TERMINOLOGYChaos Theory [21:05] |
Butterfly Effect [21:16] | Fractals [21:23] -


TEDx Talks: Reprogramming Your Brain To Overcome Fear - [1:39] Modern Day Hidden Figure
Huffington Post: Memories of Challenger Ignited by Antares Explosion - [25:19]




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