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Stress can have an enormous negative impact on a relationship. Tensions mount, disagreements build up and you may even find yourself at odds with your partner over things you previously agreed on. You may find yourself trying to figure out how to deal with stress in a relationship.

There will always be stressors in life, but you don’t have to let stress interfere with your relationship. By supporting your partner and being open with your feelings, you can keep stress at bay and maintain tranquility. And if you’re supportive of them, odds are they’ll be supportive of you when you face your own stressors.

The following strategies will help you when dealing with a stressed partner.

1) Recognize stress. Everyone reacts to stress differently. What behaviors do you notice in your partner when they are stressed? Maybe they hang up without saying goodbye or leave the dishes in the sink instead of washing them. Understanding that these behaviors are associated with stress will help you identify what your partner is feeling.

2) Show self-compassion. Dealing with a stressed partner is impossible if you don’t help yourself first. Step back, tend to your own needs and then look after your spouse.

3) Keep communication open. If your partner isn’t talking to you, ask them what they need and how you can provide it. They may require time to themselves or simply knowing you’re willing to listen to them.

4) Men and women react differently. Men tend to want recognition and offers of assistance; women tend to want to feel wanted.

5) Stress doesn’t go away. Everyone needs support sometimes. If you are the anchor of your relationship, there will still come a time when you need support; your partner will need your support through something, too.

Learning how to deal with stress in a relationship requires a certain pool of emotional resources. You’ll have to dip into that well when your partner needs your help. If you are there for them in their time of need, your relationship will be richly rewarded; such willingness to support someone strengthens the connection between you and lays a strong foundation for the relationship to grow later on. If your partner knows they can come to you for anything – and that you will be there for them – then they will feel even more comfortable with you. Comfort builds intimacy, something every relationship needs.

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