How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions All Year Long | How To Stick To Your Goals

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The new year is amongst us, and so are it’s many doomed new year resolutioners. Every year we witness the same tired story. We listen to John’s vow to join a gym and transform his body and perhaps get ready for the Olympia stage. Samantha tells us that she will finally quit smoking weed this year, and of course, uncle Jerry pledges to quit drinking forever.

Like a Shakespearian tragedy, it all goes to shit after a few weeks or so. John is devouring through a bag of Cheetos as day, if you ask him about the gym, he will mumble a story about having misplaced his membership card. Samantha somehow gained access to some Hollywood parties, getting high with Snoop Dogg was something she just couldn’t refuse. Uncle Jerry? Well, you should have known… He has had the same resolution for the past twenty or so years.

So why are people terrible at keeping their resolutions? I believe it’s because they employ ineffective strategies. Let us get into three methods that you can use to keep on track with your goals.

The three strategies are:

3. Focus on habits more than end goals

Instead of fixating on the end results, we must put a greater focus on the habits that are needed to achieve these results. Your end goal is the summation of thousands of decisions that you have made prior to its attainment. If you want to lose 30lbs before the year ends, every single piece of food you eat is either bringing you closer or further away from that goal.

2. Understand ‘Parkinson’s Law’

Now Parkinson’s Law states that:
“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

Give yourself a smaller window, play your resolutions and goals for a 6 month year or 3 month year. The smaller time frame will help you overcome the procrastination associated with Parkinson’s Law.

1. Remember the bigger picture

Perhaps the biggest reason we fall off our new year resolutions is that we forget the bigger picture. We forget what made us decide to try to change our lives. We accept short-term pleasure over long-term fulfilment.

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