How to Love the Process | Preston Smiles on Impact Theory

Preston Smiles began transforming his life at an early age when he realized that his anger and rebelliousness were leading him down the wrong path. In this episode, Preston explores what it takes to make play a priority, change your identity, and find true purpose in your life.


1.“We’re constantly creating stories. Most of the time, these stories are not facts.”[3:05]
2.“We’re always creating our reality with our thoughts, our words, and our actions.”[3:59]
3.“For me play is highly important, so I schedule it in.”[8:49]
4.“When my cup is full I can give from the overflow, and that overflow is a beautiful thing.”[9:12]
5.“The beautiful thing about nightmares is you always wake up.”[19:06]
6.“I slow down to the speed of wisdom and allow it to hit me.”[32:37]

Preston explains the difference between facts and stories. [2:48] Preston talks about his transformation from being angry to playful. [6:49] Preston describes the American nightmare and how to create what you want to experience. [10:07] Tom and Preston discuss a lesson he learned from the velveteen rabbit. [13:27] Preston shares methods he uses to build his worldview. [17:36] Preston goes deep on the process that happens when building your dreams. [21:39] Preston explains the difference between choosing and wanting. [26:47] Tom and Preston discuss the process of becoming who you really are. [30:19] Preston reveals how he helps his clients climb out of the emotional traps. [34:15] Preston talks about different levels of consciousness surrounding societal norms. [35:00] Preston expounds on why he believes that everything is neutral. [36:50] Preston defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [38:26]

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