How To Stop Procrastinating | Top 4 Techniques

How to stop procrastinating.

They say that procrastination is the thief of time. If you truly want to become an effective person you must overcome this cancerious habit. In this animated video I go through my top 4 tips to overcome procrastination.

Don’t be the guy who doesn’t do shit. Learn the tools for greateness and never procrastinate on anything again.

Procrastinating can ruin your life so it’s important that you learn to overcome it! Never have to worry about this issue again with the procrastination tips I give in this video.

The four techniques mentioned in the video in order to overcome procrastination are listed as follows:

Technique one: Motivate yourself to start for 5 minutes

Often when we procrastinate it’s due to the initial inertia that comes from our mental resistance. We procrastinate because we just can’t make ourselves start, we keep putting it off.

To overcome this just tell yourself that you will start your work for only 5 minutes. The 5 minutes is a small commitment which you will be able to keep.

Once you start work you will find procrastinating will be difficult because your overcame the inertia.

Technique two: Chunk down the task

We often procrastinate because we imagine the work we have to complete to be unbearable. We create mental images of huge tasks that will take an eternity to complete. These negative images are what lead us to continue procrastinating.

To overcome procrastination split the tasks into the smallest possible units. Break it down into something that you can easily handle and tackle the problem. This method helps you focus on one thing at a time helping you lower your overall resistance.

Lowering the resistance leads to you overcoming procrastination and getting your work done. This method also makes it easier for you to complete your work in a more logical manner.

Technique four: Change your thoughts

Procrastination is often a mental game. If we can learn to pick up on the mental voices we have that lead us to procrastinate, we can overcome them.

Often when we have work to do we like to complain in our mind. We like to label the work as ‘bad’ or ‘boring’ and other things. These labels create resistance and resistance once again leads to procrastination.

Change your thoughts about the task and leverage the good feeling you will have upon completing the task. Don’t consciously engage in negative thinking about the task and procrastination will not be encouraged.

Method four: Reward yourself

Humans work of incentives. If you keep procrastinating, find something that you enjoy doing and make it your reward for completing your work.

Sometimes for us to get the work done we just need a good reason. Let yourself watch some Game of Thrones or eat that cake. Whatever it takes to override the procrastination.

So those are my top 4 techniques for overcoming procrastination! Follow them and you will never procrastinate again.

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