If You Confuse People, You Lose People: 4 Steps To Simplify Any Message

Rachel Hanfling is a media producer, strategist, and trainer with twenty years experience working for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper.

In this episode you’ll learn 4 steps you can take right now to simplify your messaging, communicate effectively, and ultimately get what you want.

The first step is all about simplifying your message. People don’t need to know your entire backstory so it’s important to keep things tight and right so the important stuff you want to get across is front and center.

The second is you need to let go of jargon and speak in terms that people actually understand. When people are confused, you lose. And over complicating what you’re saying will make it too easy for people to zone out on your message.

Next is you need to edit your message and get rid of any extra details so it’s concise and to the point.

And lastly, test drive your message on people outside of your expertise and/or friend/family group. Getting feedback from someone who doesn’t know you or your industry will help you get HONEST feedback that will help you hone your skills even more.

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