If You Feel Fear or Anxiety, Listen to This | Trent Shelton on Impact Theory

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Former NFL wide receiver and current champion influencer Trent Shelton spends his life helpingpeople become the best possible version of themselves. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Trent shares deeply personal stories from his own life, his own fears and his own failures. But he doesn’t stop there. He explains how you can use your fears, your failures and your life experiences to live (not find) your true purpose.


Trent describes being an introvert who becomes a renowned public speaker [2:32] Trent talks about being scared to speak in front of 5,000 people [4:00] Trent and Tom discuss using manipulative techniques on themselves [6:25] Why it’s important to move towards things that scare you [8:20] Trent explains the championship mindset and why you have to want it for yourself [9:09] Trent wanted to be a professional football player at six years old [12:07] Should you help people build their desire? [13:08] What really matters? [15:47] Trent explains how he helps people face reality [17:39] Trent discusses vulnerability and authenticity [19:07] Trent explains exactly what he thinks fear is [21:07] How do people identify their purpose? [24:19] Trent illuminates the difference between what you want and where you thrive [26:17] Suppression leads to depression [28:10] Trent shares how he deals with his mother’s cancer [29:40] Trent talks about gratitude [32:20] Trent discusses self-care [34:02] Trent shares the impact that he wants to have on the world [38:00]

“If you’re nervous, if you’re scared, you’re too into yourself.” [7:47] “The foundation of all strength is pain.” [9:05] “I used to have a fear of not succeeding. My fear now is succeeding at the wrong things.” [16:52] “Sometimes “I need help” is the most powerful thing that you can say.” [18:22]

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