Improve Your Life in 4 Minutes a Day

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This is for you if you’re ready for a breakthrough.

I want to share something with you that I started doing at the worst time in my life…

I was separated from my husband, depressed, lonely, confused and tempted to throw everything away.. I mean truly miserable!

I started going home at lunch and walking around my kitchen island doing this one thing… it only took about 4 minutes a day and it drastically changed my mindset, my outlook, my circumstances, and ultimately, my entire life.

So, what is it?

It may not be what you think it is because it sounds so simple but it is the most powerful thing you can do. It was simply speaking God’s Word out of my mouth.

But not just anything. I spoke what I call “power scriptures” that built my faith, changed my perspective about my life and my future and gave God an opportunity to work miracles in my situation.

I want to share with you these power scriptures so you can transform your life in just 4 minutes a day.


I put together the 7 power scriptures I speak over myself every morning to change my perspective. Download this list of 7 scriptures and take a couple minutes out of your day to read them aloud and change your perspective –



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