Is Lionel Messi Even Human? – 15 Times He Did The Impossible – HD

Lionel Messi did in is career not only in official matches, but also in trainings unbelievable things. Sometimes you wouldn’t think, that Messi is even able to do such incredible things – but he makes the impossible possible!


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15 Times Lionel Messi Did The Impossible:
– incredible block vs. Sevilla
– header vs. Cristiano Ronaldo
– winning goal vs. Atletico Madrid
– goal from behind the net
– impressive performance vs. Juventus Turin (17 years old)
– one shot two goals
– no dive vs. Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
– nutmeg vs. a goalkeeper
– dribbling vs. 9 defenders
– dribbling while lying on the ground
– hat-trick in 19 minutes vs. Panama (Copa America 2016)
– long range goal from 60 yards
– chest goal
– dribbling vs. the referee
– solo goal vs. Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final

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