It Only Happens Once [URGENT] “11:00 PM”

11:00 PM | “Something Powerful Is Happening at This Time”

Please listen to this urgent message and call-to-action. Make sure to take this action every time the clock hit’s 11:00 am and 11:00 pm in your own time zone, for the next 48 hours, for a total of 4 times in the next 48 hours. And please, share this with ALL your friends, family and loved ones. Ask them to do the same thing, and ask them to pass this on and pay it forward. With gratitude and blessings!

For additional resources or to make contact, or to learn more about the IADFW (International Association for a Disease Free World), click here and follow the links:

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Rashid Buttar.

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