Love Me for Who I Really Am

One of our greatest demands in love is that our partner should love us ‘for who we really are’. It sounds Romantic enough, but in truth, none of us should ever expect another person to admire and adore us in our totality, with all our flaws and questionable sides. True love means being generous towards what is broken in ourselves and others – but not, for that matter, being expected to admire it all.
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“There are – when you start adding incidents up – rather a lot of things about you that your partner seems keen to change. They notice how you put off ringing your mother. They want you to be more adventurous in how you dress. Three times recently they said they want you to get a grip on your finances. They’ve also hinted they’d like you to take more of an interest in the children’s homework and to help to host more dinner parties. It doesn’t feel very pleasant. But, then again, they’re not alone: if you are honest with yourself, there is plenty about them that you would – ideally – like to change as well…”

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