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How powerful is meditation? Well, billionaire Ray Dalio literally credits it as the primary reason for whatever success he’s had. Vishen Lakhiani uses it to bend reality. And Tim Storey meditates so that he can “think big in small places.” On this special Impact Theory clips show with Tom Bilyeu, those three guests, along with Joe Dispenza, Dr. Shefali, Robert Greene, Colin O’Brady and Molly Bloom describe the science, the experience, and the power of meditation. Find out exactly how meditation affects you biologically, how to instantly go into a meditative state, and why meditation has led so many extraordinary people to liberation, fearlessness, and success.


Joe Dispenza explains how meditation affects you on a biological level [1:52] Dr. Shefali explains how meditation leads to the liberation of the self [4:55] Dr. Shefali’s meditation is the most basic type, just following your breath [7:01] Robert Greene talks about how he uses meditation to reset his mind every day [7:40] Vishen Lakhiani explains that meditation helps you bend reality [10:13] Surrendering and going within allows you to tap into your deep intuition [11:48] Colin O’Brady describes the ups and downs of learning to meditate [13:19] Molly Bloom pursued a crisis mindset (liberated and fearless) without being in a crisis [16:46] Tim Storey explains how to instantly go into a state of meditation [19:02] Meditation is to set your mind, so focus on a mindset of gratitude [20:36] Ray Dalio credits meditation and overcoming his ego for his success [21:50]

Ray Dalio: “Meditation is fantastic. Meditation is the biggest gift I can give anyone. And I would say, more than anything, it is whatever reason for success I’ve had.” [21:56]
Tim Storey: “Think big in small places.” [21:43]
Vishen Lakhiani: “Meditation helps you bend reality.” [10:58]

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