NIETZSCHE ON: Amor Fati & The Philosophy Of Stoicism | Stoic Mindset Explained

Amor Fati

Amor Fati translated from Latin means, ‘A love for one’s fate’,
It is a term that is often coined by Friedrich Nietzsche and shares the ethos of Stoic Philosophy.
Nietzsche wrote:

“My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it—but love it”

Amor Fati is a radical acceptance for your life. It’s an acceptance of all the pain and pleasure, the good, the bad. It’s looking at life and seeing the beauty in all of it.

What bring immense pain to most human’s beings the past, thoughts of people who have wronged you, mistakes that you have made. The missed opportunities, and embarrassing failures.

Amori Fati demands that you look at each of these events and see the necessity of them. You see your failed relationships and see how they moulded you to have greater emotional intelligence and you accept them.

You see the betrayals you have endured and understand how they removed you naivety, and you a grateful for them.
The death of a loved one, although you loved them dearly and you miss them you can understand how the experience hardened you to overcome any of life’s other vicissitudes.

It is accepting that which cannot be changed.
Stoicism takes it one step further; the stoic approach is taking every event good or bad and using it as a tool for self-betterment. In this way, nothing truly bad can ever happen to a Stoic. The good events in life are accepted and celebrated; the bad events are appreciated because they mold us. Every event can be flipped upside down; you can always learn to love your fate.

Epictetus writes:

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power or our will. ”

Stoicism and the ethos of amor fati is not about passivity, it’s not about sitting around and having no ambitions in life and just blind acceptance of your situation.

You can still go out and build that business to get out of your financial rut, you are still invited to work on yourself and progress towards your goals. The only difference is the perspective you take upon the outcome.

The average person when they fail to attain their goals, when they don’t get the job they want or get rejected by their crush. They lament and engage in self-pity. The adherent of Amori-Fati, looks at the situation regardless of how bleak and says

“Good”, this change of mindset allows you to move on and plan your next moves.

Former Navy Seal Commander Jocko Wilink, describes this mentality often. It’s a mentality that allows you to have the grit that’s needed to achieve any worthwhile goal. The ability to accept the failures and disasters with zeal and to move forward is perhaps one of the most critical skills needed to live the good life.
How can you turn your back and wish for anything to be different? Amor Fati means to love your fate, loving your fate is loving your life, it’s the only reasonable approach.

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