Prepare for What You’re Praying for

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If you’ve been praying and asking God for opportunities, that’s good.

But my question for you is…
Are you preparing or just praying?

God’s not likely going to give you an opportunity that you’re not able to handle.

A phrase I heard years ago from Coach John Wooden was this: “When opportunity comes, its too late to prepare.”

You’ve got to be READY when God brings opportunities your way so you can seize them.

In the Bible, David prepared alone, in obscurity, while watching his family’s herds. He could have felt sorry for himself and thought, “I don’t need to develop my skills. I’m stuck out here with these sheep.”

But no, while he was out there all alone, he got his slingshot out and started practicing day after day, month after month. Slinging that stone again and again.

When a coyote tried to attack his sheep, he nailed it! He was a sharp shooter. So precise! So skilled!

When God needed someone to slay a giant, he looked to see who was prepared. Who had developed their skills? Who was practicing in private?

Today, I want to talk to you about preparing for what you’ve been praying for.

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