Rich Dad Poor Dad | The Financial Education You Didn’t Get

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Some people say it’s one of the best books they’ve read about money, other people dislike the book because they felt it lacked details. Whatever the case maybe, in this video I will give you the golden nuggets that I took away from this book. Whether or not you like Robert kiyosaki, I would recommend atleast reading the book once to figure it out yourself.
So the premise of this book is that Robert Kiyosaki, metaphorically speaking had two dads. One was poor, which was his own biological father, and the other was his friends dad, one of the richest men in Hawaii. The point is, most of us receive financial education from people who aren’t financially stable themselves.
I see this a lot, poor people give out their financial advice like they actually know what they’re talking about. Here’s the bottom line, if you listen to someone who only makes $40,000 a year, then his advice will only be worth that much. And if you listen to someone who makes a million dollars a year, then obviously his advice will be worth much more.
Kiyosaki was fortunate enough to have both kinds of people in his life, and so he is able to tell us what is the biggest difference in the way rich people and poor people live and think.
The biggest lesson in this book is that rich people have assets, and poor people have liabilities. For the sake of simplicity, an asset is something that brings money in your pocket, and a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. The rich buy assets, the poor only have expenses, and the middle class buy liabilities thinking they are assets.