SECRETS OF THE MEMORY MASTERS | How to improve your memory using the method of loci

How many times has it happened to you that you park your car, and then it just seems to disappear. So walk around the parking lot endlessly, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to remember where you left it.

Or maybe you’re in a hurry, and you need to write down someone’s number, but don’t have a phone on you so you try to memorize it. Only to forget it, like 5 seconds later. That’s why I’ll show you how to improve your memory.

No matter what the case maybe, memory is a very important aspect of our intelligence. And of course, just being able to memorize things aimlessly isn’t everything you need in life, but it can certainly make things a whole lot easier. Which is exactly why you need to know how to improve your memory.

I’ve personally used the techniques I’m going to share with you to memorize all the digits of pie upto a hundred digits. I’ve also been able to memorize 50 elements of the periodic table in just 15 minutes, and I regularly use these techniques to memorize long lists and facts in tests in university. And you can use these techniques to learn how to improve your memory. Plus, it’s always a cool conversation starter when I tell people that I can memorize any 50 objects they tell me, forwards and backwards, from the middle, and I can do that in under two minutes without making a mistake.

And trust me, I’m not exceptionally intelligent or anything, it’s just that these techniques are that powerful. So listen up, because these are the same techniques that are used by memory champions around the world, and these techniques will show you how to improve your memory.

It’s called the method of loci. So the first technique is called the method of loci, and it is the basis for all extra ordinary feats of memory performed by ordinary people. You might have seen this technique being referenced in the TV show sherlock. The basis of this theory is, that we as humans can remember spacial details much more than anything else.

You may not remember the names of your neighbors, but you will never forget what your childhood home looks like. Or even the fact that you cannot exactly remember when you met a stranger, but you can accurately remember where you met them. For most of us, spacial memory is the strongest and that is what we will use in this technique.

So in the method of loci, you basically create a memory palace. This can be any physical location that you know the ins and outs of, so it would be best if you chose something like your high school or the house in which you grew up. Once you have this place in mind, now you need to decide a path.

So for example, you start at the doorway then you go to the living room, then the kitchen, then upstairs, then some other room, etc and then you end on the garage. This is really important as this will be the path that you’ll be using every time you remember something. This is the basis for how to improve your memory.

The next thing you need to do, is fix certain points in every location, hence the name loci(which stands of points). It’s very important that you fix these locations to places that are distinct and something which makes sense to you, because these will be your anchor points and will be the bedrock of this technique. Try not to jumble too many anchor points in together because then you’ll start to get confused.

Watch the video to learn how to do this in detail.

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