Secrets to Gaining Awareness from Failure | Tim Storey on Impact Theory

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Tim Storey, also known as the “Comeback Coach”, knows exactly what you need to do to overcome any setback. This storied life coach has been invaluable to such celebrities as Kanye West, Robert Downey Jr., Vidal Sassoon and Lee Iacocca. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Tim Storey shares tales of resilience and resurgence. And just as he has done for so many of the rich and famous, he illustrates how action and hard work forge wisdom, peace, and genuine success.


Tim explains how people lose momentum and get stuck [2:45] Tim tells the story of his father’s death and how it devastated his family [3:46] Tim describes what you need to do to get over a setback [5:22] Tim explains why you must directly face the reality of the setback [6:29] Tim talks about how to turn any setback into something positive [8:28] Tim and Tom discuss Robert Downey Jr.’s extraordinary comeback [10:04] Tim talks about what to do when you feel like you will never come back [12:27] Tim talks about being drawn to the underdog and why he works with prisoners [14:30] Tim tells a story about when he made a famous football player sit on a swing-set [16:36] Tim talks about why Mother Theresa influenced him [19:06] Tim explains why you need to stop chasing fantasies and get to work [21:28] Tim illustrates how progress really happens and why faith matters [23:45] Why Tim teaches on the same challenges he went through [25:51] What general state of mind are people in when they make bad choices? [27:04] Tim discusses the role peace and gratitude [28:36] Tim explains meditation and mind-set [30:16] Tim talks about turning setbacks into blessings and visualizing miracles [32:18] Tim illuminates the three stages of meditation [34:27] Tim and Tom discuss the effect of limiting belief systems [36:17] Tim loves learning [37:44] Why would Tim go through the agony of reinvention when he could just coast? [39:04] Tim shares the impact he wants to have on the world [40:54]

Hell no, I wasn’t going to live this way! And I think that’s why I became who I am today. [8:25] What most people think is that they have to become a discount version of themselves. [11:12] The key is not to try to become the person you used to be. A comeback is not a go-back. [13:24] You may not be who you want to be but thank God you are not who you used to be. [29:54]



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