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What makes a champion? Serena Williams is undoubtedly the best tennis player in the world, and many would say that she’s the best overall athlete of her time. Williams has sparked interest across the globe with her powerful form, commitment to the game, and, most of all, her incredible winning record.

Serena Williams possesses a great deal of skill on the court, but her success can be directly linked to her winning mindset. You might not be a professional athlete, but you can learn how to adopt a champion mindset from studying Serena Williams. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these foundational aspects of success into your professional life, even if it doesn’t involve dominating at the U.S. Open.

1. Build a winning routine

As Tony Robbins says, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” You don’t simply become great at your job over night –, you put in the time it takes to master your skill set. Serena Williams has done this for years on the court, – working on her technique tirelessly to not only improve, but maintain her excellencetechnique. In business, you need to incorporate practices into your routine that get you closer to your end goal, whether it’s to improve sale conversions or double your revenue.

2. Change the rules

Part of the reason why Serena Williams is so fascinating is because she’s broken the cultural norm for tennis. Her distinct athletic build and drive in the face of adversity has made her not only a legend on the tennis court, but a cultural icon. Recently, Serena has openly dealt with motherhood and pregnancy complications while staying committed to the game. Serena Williams’ version of tennis is different than those around her, and better because of it., Bbecause she refuses to reflect yesterday’s reality, she represents today’s. What is your company doing to anticipate changes in culture?

3. Own what makes you (and others) great

Serena Williams is confident in her abilities and recognizes her strengths. The way she acknowledges her greatness is incredibly powerful, and we can all learn a lesson from her in that regard. When you’re feeling aimless in your career, think about all the good things you bring to the table. How are you contributing to your company’s growth? What skills do you have that make you well -equipped for your job? As a leader, it’s also critical to recognize the values others bring to your business. Let your team know they’re valued in real, tangible ways.

4. Diversify

As a champion tennis player, Serena could have been content with winning titles and making appearances. Instead, she diversified her personal brand and her investments. Serena Williams is not just an athlete, but a Nike spokesperson, has her own apparel line and is even working to produce an HBO documentary series about her life. The secret here is to diversify. How are you making your financial portfolio and business skills work for you?

5. Know the value of winning

At the end of the day, Serena Williams doesn’t go home and hug her trophies or talk to her loved ones about how incredible she is at tennis. She knows the true value of winning isn’t in the accolades. Instead, she makes time to be with her husband, newborn daughter and those in her life who are important to her. Winning, or professional success, is meaningless unless it’s part of a larger plan. What value do you get from winning? Are you working to spend more time with your family or experience true financial freedom?

By adopting the mindset of a champion, you’ll experience unprecedented success.

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