Short on Time? How to Work Smarter Not Harder | MarieTV Live Call-In Show

Ever feel like nonstop work is the only way to get ahead? Don’t believe the hype — hustling 24/7 is NOT the answer! In today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show, you’ll learn how to work smarter not harder as Marie helps three entrepreneurs avoid burnout by implementing smarter, more productive habits.

You’ll hear from:
* Ewa, a cancer survivor who wants to reboot her coaching business without sacrificing her health — and the productivity hacks that can help anyone who’s short on time.
* Alex, a multipassionate creative entrepreneur, wants to stay focused during slow times.
* Geraldine, an artist and university teacher, who feels pulled in too many directions and needs help figuring out how to simplify her business.

If you want to create a healthy work-life balance, don’t miss this episode. It will give you quick, actionable steps to get more out of your time and effort.
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