Should I Give It All Up And Go For My Dream?

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Follow your heart — it’s good advice, but is it always practical? When you come to a crossroads in life, making the decision to stay where you are or give everything up to go for your dream is difficult. In this video, you’ll learn a crucial test that will help you make the right decisions, every time.

Whatever your big decision is, sit yourself down and do the 10 Year Test. Honestly ask yourself, “10 years from now — am I going to regret not doing this?” Will you regret it if you don’t follow your heart?

I did the 10 Year Test when I was 25 and considering whether or not I should pursue dance as a profession. I had no formal dance training, I was broke and trying to climb out of debt and 25 is practically over the hill in the dance world.

But I asked myself, “Marie — in 10 years from now when you’re 35, will you regret not really going for this hip-hop thing?” In a nanosecond my answer was yes, I would definitely regret it.

In that moment, I gained clarity and got focused. It was the best decision of my life. Try this test for yourself next time you have a big decision to make.

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