Stepping In To Your Pain | Tony Robbins

How’s your relationship going?

If you thought anything less than the word “extraordinary,” then it might be time to make a major change. We often get into relationships and when something doesn’t feel right, we immediately shift the blame to the other person. You say your partner doesn’t have time for you or that they aren’t meeting your needs, but have you thought about how you’re contributing to this partnership?

The thing that’s holding you back from giving this relationship your all is fear.

Oftentimes, we need to truly learn how to face fear in order to create a passionate, thriving relationship. You’re scared of your own fears and insecurities, and without addressing them, you’ll never make progress with your partner.

Step into your pain with an open mind and total honesty. Real change can only occur after you figure out what you’re afraid of and why you’re scared. Have you been hurt in the past by a love interest? Do you feel insecure and are therefore questioning your partner’s fidelity? Take the time to assess what’s holding you back so you can learn how to face your fears so you can address them and then create something beautiful with your partner.

When you’re able to access your inner courage and face the unknown, you’ll make incredible progress in your relationship. Communicate with your partner and let them know how you’re feeling. You two can work through hang-ups together and, eventually, become a much more stable couple because of it.

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