This one STOIC concept will change your life as soon as you implement it! Stoicism is one of the most effective and practical philosophies for living the good life.

There are many concepts in Stoicism that help us understand the human experience. One of the main ideas being to ‘live our lives in accordance with nature’. Humans are reasoning animals so it is our duty to take advantage of that gift.

The downfall of having such an advanced brain is that we tend to overthink and overanalyse situations. We also tend describe events that happen in our lives as good or bad and create stories which assist these descriptions.

Stoicism asks us to remove these value judgements and look at our lives from a more objective lens.
This is called phantasia kataleptike.
Epictetus once said,

“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things”.

This highlights the fact that we create our happiness from within based on our perceptions of life.

Mindfulness meditation is a great tool that can help stoics become more objective when dealing with life’s many unexpected events.

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