Stop Ignoring Your Creative Calling! Chase Jarvis Exposes The “Myth of Creativity”

You’ve been told a lie about your creative calling. It’s not just for artists and kids, it’s foundational to who we are as a species. Chase Jarvis says, “Creativity is absolutely inside of every person.”

In this episode of The Marie Forleo Podcast, Chase dismantles the common fears, distractions and lies that get in the way of your life’s work. His new book, Creative Calling, will show you how to reclaim your creative gifts and use them well — no matter what industry or career path you take.

As an award-winning artist, keynote speaker, photographer, and creator of the online education platform, CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis is passionate about helping artists succeed. But Chase will be the first to say that creativity doesn’t belong to an elite few. That’s why he interviews top entrepreneurs, authors and leaders on his popular podcast, The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show.

If you’ve ever believed statements like, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” then don’t miss this episode. It will make you rethink every lie you’ve been told about creativity and help you flex those creativity muscles like never before.
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