Testing Spirituality with Science | Mastin Kipp on Impact Theory

Mastin Kipp went from the rock and roll lifestyle to becoming one of the most sought-after thought leaders today. In this episode, he’ll share how you can transform your life through Functional Life Coaching, a scientific approach to helping people work through trauma and find their real purpose in life.


1.“We pursue external goals to hit an internal emotional target.”[7:03] 2.“Failure only leads to more lessons.” [18:02] 3.“Negative emotion is a call for awareness, just like pain is.” [30:09] 4.“Once you pick a meaning, which is always your choice, then you can start to build a great life.”[33:53] 5.“You are the hero of your own life.” [37:28] 6.“Most of the time, you’re going to be afraid right before the biggest breakthrough of your life.” [43:37] 7.“Do the thing you’re most afraid of and then do it until you’re not afraid anymore.”[44:33]

Mastin shares his passion for simplifying complicated principles to help you achieve success. [3:27] Mastin walks through the importance of understanding your emotional drivers. [6:46] Mastingive a practical explanation for a God algorithm and how to apply it to your daily life. [14:27] Tom and Mastin dive into survival patterns on how they get you into trouble. [19:23] Mastin gives actionable steps to help you break out of unhealthy emotional patterns. [21:38
]Mastin talks about the connection between functional medicine and functional life coaching. [25:30] Mastin explains why choice is your superpower and how your interpretation determines your outcome. [30:58] Tom and Mastin go deep on the hero’s journey, storytelling, and why being terrified is good for you. [35:28] Mastin talks about creating systems and leveraging motivation to build forward momentum. [39:11] Mastin dives into different types of fear and why you should use fear as your compass. [42:50] Mastin tells how to use constant reminders as a way to overcome setbacks. [45:45] Tom and Mastin discuss the characteristics of mastery and why it is a mindset. [48:37] Mastin defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [52:06]

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