The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing | How to Market your Business

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In this video I will show you the 22 immutable laws of marketing. If you want to be in business, you have to know how to market yourself. And how you have to know how to do it well. A lot of people think that a good product is all that matters, that if you build a good product, then people will come of their own.

That is not true. A lot of companies have an incredible success just due to their marketing strategies, apple and nike being notable examples. Using effective marketing, you can anchor your product in your customers mind, and turn them into loyal fans. That’s all business really is at the end of the day, understand people’s psychology.

Al ries and jack trout have over 40 years of marketing expertise, and using all the knowledge they had at their disposal they created these 22 laws of marketing that have stood the test of time. It is imperative that you know these laws if you’re in business.

Law 1: Leadership
Law 2: The Category
Law 3: The Mind
Law 4: Perception
Law 5: Focus
Law 6: Exclusivity
Law 7: The Ladder
Law 8: Duality
Law 9: The Opposite
Law 10: Division
Law 11: Perspective
Law 12: Line Extension
Law 13: Sacrifice
Law 14: Attributes
Law 15: Candor
Law 16: Singularity
Law 17: Unpredictability
Law 18: Success
Law 19: Failure
Law 20: Hype
Law 21: Acceleration
Law 22: Resources

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