The Advantages of Being ‘just Good Friends’

We’re used to thinking of the state of friendship as hugely inferior compared with that of being in a relationship. But comparing how most people behave in a couple, compared with how they are in a friendship, should perhaps lead us to reconsider our choices. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“One of the most subtly hurtful and quietly damning of all remarks, perhaps quietly and sweetly delivered on the doorstep at the end of a long evening, with the taxi still hovering somewhere just out of sight, is the suggestion that we should in the end probably remain ‘just good friends’

We know exactly what to understand by this. The path towards a tender future is being gently but firmly closed off. We are, with a smile, being shunted into the category of the failed, the ignored and the lightly despised. The other must in some way have worked out the despicable truths about us – all the ones that we tried so hard to disguise and even to believe didn’t exist – and has logically decided to take their leave. We return crushed to an apartment which we had left with butterflies and elevated hopes only a few hours before…”

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