The Legendary Kathy Bates Explains How to Live a Remarkable Life | Impact Theory

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Legendary actress Kathy Bates has probably lost count of how many awards she has been nominated for and won. But very few people know about her battles with cancer, her family history of suicide attempts, or her own struggles with PTSD and depression. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Kathy Bates talks about gratitude, moments of grace, and the fact that you don’t have to be perfect to be remarkable. Along the way she tells stories of healing and tragedy, life and death, and memorably explains why she always thanks the crew.

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Kathy advocates that actors can create empathy and bring people out of their tribes [3:09] Kathy shares her family’s story of suicide [5:48] Kathy details the ways her mother had such a positive impact on her [11:14] Kathy discusses her own struggles with depression and his father’s similar struggles [13:39] Kathy describes the worst relationship she’s ever been in, and her battle with cancer [16:07] Kathy tells the story of a dead finch that turned into a powerful sign [19:15] Kathy explains how she learned to not always try to fix or control everything [24:13] Kathy talks about letting go and tells a humorous story about coke [26:12] Tom and Kathy discuss faith, God and moments of grace [27:21] Kathy explains how she opened up to a new relationship [31:10] Tom and Kathy talk about how you don’t have to be perfect to be remarkable [35:10] Kathy advocates humility and keeping a beginner’s mindset [38:59] Kathy interrupts her discussion of humility to discuss being mistaken for a stripper [40:48] Kathy tells Richard Jewell’s story [43:15] Kathy discusses working with Clint Eastwood and worrying that she was finished [48:51] We need truth in the media and government [52:19] Kathy shares her response to the question of what impact she wants to have [54:01]


“I want to fix things, and you can’t always fix things. And you don’t always have the right to fix things. Sometimes those moments of grace just have to come. You can’t will them; you can’t push them on somebody else.“ [25:10] “You have to just slow down. You have to cut out all the noise. You have to respect yourself.” [33:50] “That’s why I always thank the crew. I’d be dancing around in an empty parking lot in my underwear just spouting lines without everybody. Even marketing people, PR people, everybody makes a movie.” [42:27]


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