The one WEIRD trick to STOP PROCRASTINATION(for real) | The five second rule to stop procrastination

In this video, I’ll show you the one mental trick you need to stop procrastinating.

Let’s face it. You’re probably procrastinating right now. You were supposed to be studying, but then you went down the youtube rabbit hole, and somehow you ended up on this video.
Or maybe this is the last video that you’re planning to watch right before you start doing your work. Perhaps you’re putting off your workout because you just needed to watch another one of my videos, I’m honoured btw.
But in this video, I’m going to show you this one weird trick that I’ve discovered to actually stop procrastinating. Disclaimer: The technique talked about in this video is in fact weird. So this is not just a marketing trick to get you to click on this video. This is something that has actually worked for me, and I keep going back to it anytime I find myself in that negative spiral of procrastination.
Now I actually got this idea from Mel Robbins, and it is completely revolutionary. I’ll add a link to an interview she did at the end of this video, which I highly recommend you watch. The idea is this: The five second rule.
Five seconds are all you have you make the decision to take action.
See here’s the thing. Your brain loves being comfortable. It loves it when you’re feeling good and you’re inside your warm bed and you’re eating bad food. Your brain loves it when dopamine is released in your brain. And it is wired, to continue to make you feel good as long as it can.
This is why it’s so hard to stop watching your youtube videos once you start. Every video click releases a bit of dopamine, because you get entertained, or learn something new, or see something exciting. When you’re sitting down and procrastinating and not really doing anything productive, then there is a certain amount of activation energy that is required to make you get up and do your work. Your brain doesn’t want you to spend that energy.
And here’s the big idea. Your brain never will. You’ll never feel like doing the things that you don’t want to do. Now the only times you do those things, is when you don’t have a choice. Like you have to go to work. Or you have to do the dishes if your parent tells you to.
See that’s exactly what we need to do to ourselves to stop procrastinating. We have to parent ourselves and do the things that we don’t feel like doing.
And the way you do this is very simple. According to Mel Robbins, any time you have the thought of doing something that you don’t feel like doing, within five seconds your brain will convince you to not do it. So the big idea here is, to start doing the thing before the five seconds are up. I know it’s sounds very simple, but if you really really pay attention to this and take it to heart, your life will definitely change.

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