The Quick Part is a Lie, But This Guy Will Teach You How to Get Rich | Ramit Sethi on Impact Theory

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Are you tired of personal finance advice that makes you feel terrible for buying lattes? Well, the “no-BS money man for the new generation”, Ramit Sethi, is tired of bad personal finance advice too. Instead of giving you guilt trips about life’s daily pleasures, he tells you how to negotiate a 25k raise. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Ramit Sethi, author of “I Will Teach You to be Rich”, does just that. Find out how to negotiate big raises, control your spending, get out of debt, and form positive money habits that will make you financially free.


Ramit describes the connections between systemic inequality and mindset [2:39] Ramit talks about how 90% of people in debt don’t know how much they owe [4:16] Ramit describes people’s invisible beliefs about money [5:35] Tom and Ramit discuss how to get through to people about making money [8:09] Tom and Ramit discuss spending on what you really love [12:20] Ramit defines a rich life [14:54] Ramit and Tom discuss dark beliefs around money [16:35] Ramit explains how to get a 25k raise [23:15] Ramit advocates that people desperately crave the truth [30:06] Ramit illustrates how people victimize themselves [31:53] What kinds of rules should people have around money? [34:53] Ramit discusses core values and money [38:06] Ramit describes how to have deep conversations in relationships [40:41] Ramit explains what rules new couples should have around money [43:20] How people should think about saving and debt [45:58] Ramit talks about the small minority of people who are obsessed with money [48:17] Ramit shares the impact he wants to have on the world [49:39]

“Lattes is a classic example. Everybody tells you not to spend money on lattes. That’s the worst advice ever! Buy as many lattes as you want.” [11:12] “When I ask people what’s a rich life to you, they usually say two things. Freedom, which is a very nice word, but kind of generic. And they say a number, usually a million bucks.“ [14:58]
“No matter what, you will get the shit kicked out of you at some point in life. And you can take two routes. You can say, Oh that sucks I’m never gonna do that again. Or you can say, oh, that did suck, what did I learn from that? How can I improve?” [20:33] “I routinely show people how to negotiate 10, 25 thousand dollar raises.” [24:55]



“I Will Teach You to be Rich” [1:58]
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