The Society Trap | Welcome To The Rat Race

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Societal Trap

Let’s paint a picture,
You are born in some hospital, in some foreign land to parents you didn’t choose.
You are given a name, one you didn’t choose.
These parents pass on their values, beliefs and religion,
the ones they got from their parents when they too didn’t choose.
You are sent of to go to school to learn things you didn’t choose.

Welcome to the first step of the society trap, we have a new inductee lets give them a clap
Sit down quietly and listen intently, remember to put your hand up in elementary.
Walk in a single line under the teachers order,
discipline is essential specially to defend the border.

You are taught about Pythagoras and Shakespeare but not your human rights
The essential knowledge is never given, we can’t allow you to soar higher than kites

Finished school? Not so quick now you need to get yourself a bachelor’s degree
This my friend is the societal trap, we got your brain don’t forget that huge school fee.

You got your piece of paper in a world that doesn’t need it,
Time to look for a job, I wonder if anyone is even going to read it.

Fresh out of school and you are thrown into another trap
This time it’s serious 9-5 my homie, straight work not a single nap.
You are trading your life for a dollar working the white-collar
Reminisce on your youth, life was easier when you were smaller

You get home and watch some reality TV
To lose that excess weight you drink some detox red tea

Your body has been ruined by societies staple food
Transfats, high fructose corn syrup they said it was all good
Remember school and how they never taught you about nutrition?
You eating this junk and getting addicted was part of the vision

Behind everything there is a corporate agenda
Lots of money and vested interest
It goes on from January to December

Keeping your distracted and stimulated is the game that they play
How could you ask questions? You are to busy checking up on Kim K
Or maybe you are watching the latest blockbuster movie
Dreaming about possibilities of how life could be

Oh well the weekend is over and it’s back to work my friend
Save up for a couple more years and you can see Dubai Sand

We work and distract ourselves thinking about tomorrow
We forget that live happens right now, there is no such thing as tomorrow

Some realize this too late when death begins to call
They had spent their whole lives living under someone else’s law

Society might have trapped you, but to escape you have the choice
The food might be harmful but to eat it you have a choice
The distractions are plentiful but to indulge in them you have a choice
You are indoctrinated into the rat race

At the end of the day you can make your own choices or let society make them for you.
If you win the rat race, remember that you are still a rat.

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