This Is How You Become Powerful | Nia Jax on Impact Theory

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This week’s guest is Nia Jax, the former undisputed WWE raw women’s champion, a plus-sized model, and an inspiration to women everywhere. In this episode, Nia wrestles with complex issues like how to build confidence, find your unique voice, and get really f*cking strong; both physically and emotionally.

What it means to be yourself and not like anyone else [2:35]

Nia talks about the qualities that make someone beautiful [3:32]
Why you need to be passionate about what you do (and how it allows her to push through 300 days of travel per year) [5:20]

What it was like being bullied and how she coped with it by staying positive [6:22]
Nia lets us inside her head as she explains the narrative she used to overcome the bullying she faced as a kid [8:20]
How she got out of an abusive relationship [11:35]
What she learned from her mom about having an amazing work ethic [15:05]
How she finds the good in everyone (even people who aren’t always nice) [17:08]
How she deals with internet trolls [18:18]
How she turned her vulnerability into a strength by posting a surprising Instagram photo [19:09]
What she says it’s important for all women and all young girls to know their strength [23:20]
Why Nia says it should be normal for all of us to see different kinds of people doing different things [24:25]
If you don’t like something about yourself, this is how to change it [27:06]
Nia talks about what motivated her to get into WWE wrestling [28:36]
What would surprise you about getting physically strong [28:57]
Why Nia says you need to stop looking to the outside for confidence [30:26]
If you’re battling with depression or you’re afraid of rejection, do this [32:52]
The impact Nia wants to have on the world [34:26]

“I like to find the beauty in everybody, regardless of what they look like.” [3:20]

“I never thought anybody would deliberately try to hurt somebody if they were in a good place with themselves.” [18:18]
“Give the woman a chance to do it. because she can do it and she can kill it. It’s very important for important for all women and all young girls to know their power and know their strength.” [23:40]

Serena Williams [25:18] Venus Williams [26:08]
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